Personal Protection: What our clients say

Anne Kwoka

My 3 year old Dogue de Bordeaux, Fiona, and I came to North Edge K9 as she had developed some behavioral issues at home. From the start, our trainers Tom, Christian, and Jay impressed me with their expertise - these guys know dogs better than anyone I have met. They showed me how to take charge of my dog and be a strong "pack leader" something I was lacking. The training they provided was thorough and effective. We learned skills to work on in between classes that strengthened my control over my dog and improved her behavior immensely. She really enjoys learning and working with me. The difference in her now compared to when we started is remarkable. I enthusiastically recommend North Edge K9.

Annie and David Malouin

My husband and I have had a great experience working with Christian and North Edge K9 on selecting and training the perfect family friendly security dog for our young family with two toddlers. We wanted a dog that was family friendly and that could socialize with our neighbors and their pets but also be able to be an effective security measure when my husband is away. Our dog is very easy going and mellow with our two active toddlers but can also be a very intimidating and capable force when we ask her to. In short Christian is an expert in the training of Police K9s, family protection dogs and service dogs. I highly recommend their services to family and friends!

Bill Cole

When I got Hannibal I was not prepared for the amount of energy that he brought to the table. I was not ready to handle him on my own and had been searching around for someone to work with. I had a friend recommend NorthEdge K9 and Christian and Hagen did not disappoint. I can't say enough good things about the training I received from NEK9. They are the most knowledgeable group I have ever encountered when it comes to dog handling. They break down training methods to keep it simple and relatable; and they are methodical in their approach to training and build on the skillsets that have been established. Most importantly they are exceedingly patient. As frustrated as I would get with Hannibal I'm sure they were getting equally frustrated with me but it never showed and there was never negativity of any sort involved in the training sessions. Every setback was turned into a positive training opportunity and every sessions would end with a victory, no matter how small, that left me feeling like I was on the right track. I quickly found out that I was not there to train my dog, I was there to train myself. The most important thing that training with NEK9 did was it gave me the confidence in myself to handle Hannibal in any situation. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Johanna Parker

These trainers know their stuff and will have you walking away wishing you had known everything you learned from them for all of your previous pets. I take my service dog everywhere with me. She gets compliments everywhere we go about how well behaved she is. I respond with a recommendation to North Edge. They supplied me with the knowledge that I will forever be able to use with all of my pets, from "Bonding and Trust" recalls, stays and to special tasks such as fetching a bottle of water or picking up dropped items from the floor and giving them to me. And my service dog loves to do them! North Edge will show you the way and open a gateway to an endless supply of knowledge for a happy bond and safe life for you and your pet.

Kim Candelmo

I recently completed a 16-week course with North Edge K9 and couldn't say enough about the knowledge and professionalism of the entire staff. They are the Dog Whispers of Maine! Thank you all for the training of my dog and also the training you gave to me to be able to continue training my dog.

Lisa Nazarenko, Owner/Founder of Lost Pet Tracking Dogs

Thank you North Edge K9 for the purchase of Tigger, my Bavarian Mountain Hound! Having Tigger for less than six months, it's very evident that with your initiated training, he has already proven himself as a serious enthusiast for tracking lost pets. It's amazing to witness Tigger's incredible tracking abilities and his strong will and intellect while working under the cutest little black nose and all of 39 pounds! Tigger. while being very keen and calm, has adapted very well to the rest of my nine member K9 team, making his docile manor further trainable for scent specific tracking. On March 30, 2016, Tigger had his first solo tracking, which also led to his first walk up find! This meticulous little hound had provided an answer for a devastated family awaiting a result only a K9 could attain after 25 days missing. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing the success of my team with a K9 this persistent, spirited, and most of all, loving.

MM1 Michael O Wedge, U.S.N.R

North Edge K9 helped save my life. The company created a 16-week training course for the Veterans and their future service dogs. Hagen Blaszyk helped matching my personality to a female retriever/boxer mix saved from a kill shelter in Florida. We took one look at her and I knew she was the one. Her name is ‘Lil Sis’ and on that afternoon my journey began. North Edge K9’s instructors are made up of law enforcement K9 unit specialists and are in the top of their field. The program helped and showed me how to deal with PTSD with the help of Lil Sis. There aren’t enough words to explain how I feel about North Edge K9 and this program as it has saved my life. Sis helps me deal with my past, she knows when I am having flashbacks and goes wherever I go. I wish to thank North Edge K9 and their instructors who gave their time and knowledge, and cared to train Lil Sis and I to become a team. Thank you Christian Stickney, Tom Chard, Jay Cooley and Lisa Nazarenko. My life before finding North Edge K9 was headed for divorce and mental hospital, heavily sedated. This program is outstanding for any Veteran suffering from PTSD and/or TBI. If you are a Veteran who feels alone, and you are reading this, please reach out for help to North Edge K9 to find your ‘forever dog’.

Rachael Welsh

I have been going to North Edge K9 for almost 2 years now. I cannot say enough good things about the entire business as a whole. They are friendly and welcoming, the facility is clean with plenty of seating and they are always trying to do anything they can to improve it for everyone. As far as training you will not meet more dedicated, professional people. Christian, in my opinion is unlike any trainer you will meet. He is focused on what is best for dog and handler/family, he works on positive reinforcement and educates the handler on why he is using the training method he has. I enjoy going to group classes and watching him work with each individual person, I always feel like I take away so much from training that I can go home and work on. If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would be that I wouldn't go anywhere else for my training and I would always recommend everyone to visit North Edge K9.

Ryan Smith

I don't usually give a "5 Star Rating" to any business or organization but, what North Edge K9 is doing is not only a blessing, but a huge help for veterans suffering from PTSD or a TBI. I started training with my service dog "Moose" with mixed expectations because, I am a veteran suffering from PTSD and I don't like being around unfamiliar people in a unfamiliar place. North Edge K9's staff are top notch instructors who not only know how to train these service animals but, they also know how to speak to veterans with issues that create a fun environment for both the veteran and the dog. My experience with this organization has been life altering I have had my bad moments and I have had my good moments but overall "Moose" has touched my life and gave me a new purpose and path to follow. There is nothing I can say or do to pay back this organization for giving me the chance to not only be able to live my life in a new light but also to re-learn how to love something again. If you are a veteran looking for help North Edge K9 will surpass expectations.

Scott, Lynn, Kevin, Cam, and Bagger Smith

Now that the honey moon period is over, the Smith family wanted to thank you for the great recommendation on our German Shepherd Bagger. Unlike some of the other folks we visited for a dog, you took your time to really understand what we wanted and how we’d be enjoying our new family member. From the first phone call, multi kennel visits, offer of an overnight, and training, it was clear from the beginning that you wanted Bagger to find a forever home – you weren’t just trying to move a dog. True professionalism and you understood how Bag’s personality and mannerisms would work and grow with the Smith family’s lifestyle. He is more than we could have hoped for! I’d be more than happy to chat with any potential NEK9 clients. Thank you.

Tai Nero, Allstars Working Dogs

North Edge K9 has some of the most knowledgeable trainers & staff I have ever had the pleasure of training with. I highly recommend them.

The DeWitts

We wanted to thank you for the new addition to our family. Oliver is settling in wonderfully and loves to go to work with Corey. He is very social and respectful of the other dogs and workers there. He is exceptional on his walks, he never pulls on his leash. We can tell that he was taken care of very well, he has excellent manners and the training he has received at North Edge K9 is very apparent. We couldn't be happier to welcome Oliver into our home. He has brought many smiles to our faces!

The Flores Family

Thank you again for what you have done for us. Every morning I get up and Zane is the first one I see, and I am thankful to have him here watching over my family. Working with North Edge K9 has been a great experience! We adopted Zane, a Belgian Malinois and he has been with our family for a year now. We couldn't have asked for a better protection dog and companion. His temperament is solid, great with kids. He is a silly boy with a great personality, but knows that he has a job to do, and if the need arises he is here to work. Hagen and Christian really love their dogs, it was clear to see. They hand picked Zane to meet our needs and they did a great job! We know we can always reach out with any questions, and they would be more than willing to share their wisdom. There is no doubt that North Edge K9 is the best at what they do. After 10 years in the Marine Corps, I can really appreciate what they do for the veterans with PTSD. Their dedication is second to none. We would highly recommend their services to anyone.