Personal Protection: Why North Edge K9?

Our experienced team of K9 handlers has the proven ability to train and deliver the highest quality personal protection dogs. Our thorough training ensures that you can count on North Edge K9s to serve and protect. Thanks to our real-world K9 experience, we are able to provide the numerous tactical aspects of offensive and defensive training that most civilian dog trainers and companies are not aware of. We tailor our process to meet the needs of our clients. Click here to learn more about our training approach.

Our dogs

We only select dogs that pass all tests and the specialized training we provide to become personal protection K9s. We deliver strong, yet highly social dogs that are affectionate, obedient, well behaved, and easy to handle, while being safe with their family and ready to protect their owners. We specialize in Belgian Malinois, which make very good family/protection dogs thanks to the breed’s character, workability, and sociability.

We can meet your personal protection needs

Whether you are seeking peace of mind for your home or family or want to learn about protecting your business, we can help forge a solution you can count on. Contact us to learn how we can help you meet your goals.