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working dogs

K9s When It Counts

Police K9s are fascinating to observe as they perform a myriad of functions, including tracking and trailing people, building searches, evidence recovery, narcotics and explosives detection, and ap

Why International Assistance Dog Week Matters

It’s International Assistance Dog Week and North Edge K-9 would like to send a big shout out in appreciation of everyone that trains and places service and assistance dogs.

how to break up a dog fight

Dog Fights - Enter at Your Own Risk

Even the best behaved or docile dogs may occasionally decide to fight with each other, for various reasons. Preventing dog fights by having full control over your dog at all times is the preferred action, but life tends to throw you a curveball once in a while.

What To Do When Your Dog Gets Skunked

Holy Cow That Stinks – Dog and Skunk Encounters

Just thinking about the smell, the nightmare, the panic; having a dog be sprayed by a skunk is scenario that fills all dog owners with dread.

training dogs with different personalities

The Truth About Dog Training: One Style Doesn't Fit All

At North Edge K9 we are often asked what dog training method we use. Our simple answer: "The method that works for each dog."



We are very proud of our Service dog program working with Military Veterans. Thank you to all who support this great cause.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this very special report. 

Check out our appearance on Time Warner Cable's newschannel. The video focuses on our training of service dogs for military veterans.

Featured are Sgt. Jeremiah Church and his service K9, Quo. Click here to watch the video

Our team of trainers has started the next 16-week class of 10 deserving veterans with their future PTSD service K9s. The current class is being held in Bangor, Maine and our unique program and process will aid 10 warriors by restoring hope to their lives. Likewise, 10 dogs will now have a job instead of lingering at shelters.