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Can My Dog Learn To Bark On Command?

We are often asked how to teach your dog to bark on command. A good bark is all that most people will ever need from their protection dog, letting strangers know your dog is alert and aware.

Combating PTSD among veterans with dogs

Saving Dogs and Saving Warriors - Combating PTSD Among Veterans

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects one in five combat veterans and not only contributes to more than 22 suicides per day in this population, but prevents many of them from leading succes

preventing dog bloat

Top Killer of Dogs – Canine Bloat

Is your canine partner a large breed, deep chested dog, such as Great Dane, Shepherd, Doberman, Labrador Retriever, Akita, St.

To Crate, Or Not To Crate?

Crates can be wonderful and very effective TOOLS in certain situations, but will quickly send the relationship with your dog into a downward spiral if used as a CRUTCH.

Dog and Porcupine Encounters - Avoid At All Cost

The warmer months of the year bring out all sorts of critters; porcupines among them.



We are very proud of our Service dog program working with Military Veterans. Thank you to all who support this great cause.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this very special report. 

Check out our appearance on Time Warner Cable's newschannel. The video focuses on our training of service dogs for military veterans.

Featured are Sgt. Jeremiah Church and his service K9, Quo. Click here to watch the video

Our team of trainers has started the next 16-week class of 10 deserving veterans with their future PTSD service K9s. The current class is being held in Bangor, Maine and our unique program and process will aid 10 warriors by restoring hope to their lives. Likewise, 10 dogs will now have a job instead of lingering at shelters.