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dogs riding in cars

Dogs And Cars: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Many dog owners have done it and probably know better, yes I am talking about dogs riding loose in the car, at times with their head happily out the window. We don’t do that with our children, and we shouldn’t do it with our dogs either.

How to prevent your dog from nipping

Help, My Dog Is Nipping At People

One of the most common problem behaviors we encounter is the family dog displaying signs of ‘aggression’, i.e. growling, snapping, nipping and sometimes biting, most commonly other people visiting the family home, and less commonly some members of the family itself.

dog training


Have you ever watched a dog owner trying to repeatedly recall his/her dog without success? Has this ever happened to you? If the answer is yes and yes, like it is for most of us, you may want to read on. Recall is arguably the most important command your dog should learn, for many obvious reasons. So why do many dog owners end up having an unreliable recall, and what can they do about it?

Dog Muzzles

Muzzle the Bark - Are You Serious?

Look at the image here, and no, these are not sold as cute Halloween items for your pooch. Instead, these and similar other contraptions are marketed, sold, and used to stop unwanted barking in your dog. Very sad, cruel, and rightfully made illegal in several States already.

Problems with dog parks

Are Dog Parks A Good Place To Visit?

Dog parks may have been a well-intended idea of open, legal, secure spaces for off-leash dogs, particularly in urban settings or for dog owners with limited space. But from our perspective they invariably fail to measure up.



We are very proud of our Service dog program working with Military Veterans. Thank you to all who support this great cause.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this very special report. 

Check out our appearance on Time Warner Cable's newschannel. The video focuses on our training of service dogs for military veterans.

Featured are Sgt. Jeremiah Church and his service K9, Quo. Click here to watch the video

Our team of trainers has started the next 16-week class of 10 deserving veterans with their future PTSD service K9s. The current class is being held in Bangor, Maine and our unique program and process will aid 10 warriors by restoring hope to their lives. Likewise, 10 dogs will now have a job instead of lingering at shelters.