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Five Characteristics of a Family Personal Protection Dog

Now that you have been toying with the idea of welcoming a dog into your house that will be both a part of your family and a form of protection, let’s examine what features to look for.

Who’s taking who for the walk?

"My dog is pulling me during walks.” This is likely the most common problem behavior people report about their dogs. Books and the internet are full of advice—some good, some not so good. Much money is made selling ‘easy fix’ devices and equipment like head halters and harnesses. So why would we want to talk about it? 

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Like any business, we find certain questions popping up with some frequency. Here are some we’ve been asked recently which are most easily answered by explaining our approach to dog training

Do Tennis Balls Harm Your Dog’s Teeth?

Each year approximately 325 million tennis balls are produced, and this endless supply directly translates into their ubiquitous presence as the arguably most common dog toy. Over the past few years, several reports have surfaced associating tennis balls with damage to your dog’s teeth, specifically enamel abrasion. But are they really a risk?

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How To Choose A Personal Protection Dog

How do I choose a personal protection dog for me or my family? 

This is a valid question with a seemingly simple answer: Know what level of K9 protection you want and need, examine your lifestyle, and then marry the two. Easy enough, so why would I want to write about it?



We are very proud of our Service dog program working with Military Veterans. Thank you to all who support this great cause.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this very special report. 

Check out our appearance on Time Warner Cable's newschannel. The video focuses on our training of service dogs for military veterans.

Featured are Sgt. Jeremiah Church and his service K9, Quo. Click here to watch the video

Our team of trainers has started the next 16-week class of 10 deserving veterans with their future PTSD service K9s. The current class is being held in Bangor, Maine and our unique program and process will aid 10 warriors by restoring hope to their lives. Likewise, 10 dogs will now have a job instead of lingering at shelters.