Law Enforcement: Why North Edge K9?

Our law enforcement K9 experience runs deep

With experience working in law enforcement as K9 handlers, we know quality dogs and training. Based in Portland, Maine, our team has many years of experience successfully testing, training and placing police K9s. As you can see on our clients' page, our dogs and training techniques have provided superior results to numerous law enforcement organizations.

Highest quality K9s

We select and import the most driven, clear-headed and social dogs we can find. While we specialize in Belgian Malinois, our quality-driven provider network can supply other breeds as well. The K9s we deliver will face the law enforcement challenges ahead without hesitation because of their drives, temperament and training. With uncompromising quality standards, we stand behind our dogs and pledge complete satisfaction.

What our customers say:

I would like to commend you for our recent addition to the Bangor K9 team. The dog that was purchased was AKI, and he has performed well throughout certification training with the state of Maine. He has also proven to be a very intelligent and capable dog through our stringent sustainment training program that we have here at the Bangor Police Department. I would like to commend you and your team for the initial training that was done to prepare the dog for his career in law enforcement. I would not hesitate to purchase another dog from your company North Edge K9. Real-world methods and street experience have a great impact on the success of a K9, and it truly shows with my partner AKI. We here at the Bangor PD continuously train for obedience, suspect apprehension, tracking, agility and scent work. When we first met for selecting a K9, we had a skill set in mind for our dog’s mission. We related these qualities to you, and you located several K9s for us to evaluate. Upon further scrutiny we together came up with the proper match for our work mission. We were impressed with this quality and the fact that you are not just selling dogs but the right dog for the right intention.
– Jamie Fanning, Bangor Police K-9 Officer

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We can meet your K9 needs

We offer green dogs or K9s at various stages of training as well as fully trained dogs. Contact us to learn how we can help meet your K9 goals.