Why North Edge K9: Proven experience you can trust

Committed to providing the highest quality dogs and training

North Edge K9, located in the Greater Portland area of southern Maine, is committed to providing superior K9 partners for law enforcement, sport and personal protection. We offer clients training methods that have proven to be successful. Our team is comprised of current police K9 handlers and trainers who utilize real-world methods and have tremendous street experience in K9 training including: obedience, bite development and protection work, tracking, agility, search and rescue, and scent work. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients in order deliver top K9s and services that are carefully matched to client needs. Click here to learn more about our proven team of K9 experts.

Personal protection and dog training classes

In addition to providing services and K9s to law enforcement organizations, we offer:

  • Personal protection dog services: Our dogs and training set the bar for quality dogs you and your family can count on. Click here to learn more.
  • Dog training classes: We offer group and individual classes in our four-season facility that include basic and advanced obedience, and protection work, both in group settings and one-on-one sessions. In addition we can troubleshoot problem behavior. Click here to schedule a class.

Our dogs are the best in the field

Our dogs are almost exclusively European imports. In our experience, European working K9 lines are superior in terms of drive, conformation and temperament because of longstanding traditions and selection in breeding, health and training. We select from European breeders who have consistently produced well-rounded dogs and access a partner network of breeders and K9 handlers who are successful in various sport competitions such as IPO/Schutzhund, as well as active police and military K9 handlers.

Whether you are seeking piece of mind for your home or family or want to learn about protecting your business, we can help forge a solution you can count on. Contact us to learn how we can help you meet your goals.

What our customers say:

"My husband and I have had a great experience working with Christian and North Edge K9 on selecting and training the perfect family friendly security dog for our young family with two toddlers. We wanted a dog that was family friendly and that could socialize with our neighbors and their pets but also be able to be an effective security measure when my husband is away. Our dog is very easy going and mellow with our two active toddlers but can also be a very intimidating and capable force when we ask her to. In short, Christian is an expert in the training of Police K9s, family protection dogs, and service dogs. I highly recommend their services to family and friends!" 
– Annie and David Malouin

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